Quality Wardley Maps

Mapping If you are not familiar with Simon Wardley and his world of mapping you need to first jump over to his blog-book on mapping. It is a detailed set of pages that are well worth your time to read through and practice. Quality Attributes Quality Attributes (QAs) are those non-functional traits that we try to describe and require when designing processes, systems, and software. They describe a quality of the thing in question.

Foundations for Cloud Capabilities - Continued

If you missed it, read the first post on Foundations for Cloud Capabilities. We will be building on that as we expand our design. Foundational Areas We covered these foundational areas in the first post. We will finish out our list so we can begin looking at architecture mapping processes. Governance Environments Request and Provisioning Backup and Recovery Disaster Recovery Cost Management We will finish the descriptions for the rest of the list.

Foundations for Cloud Capabilities

A Survey If you missed it, read the post on Cloud Capabilities first. We will be building on that as we expand our design. This is a pretty long and involved topic so will be broken into a couple of posts. The first post or two will describe all the foundational elements that may be needed. Then we will move into more architectural direction and artifacts to use in the process.

Cloud Capabilities

Cloud Service Provider Capabilities What do we have the ability to do? Or even better, what do we want to be able to do? It sounds like an easy question and it is asked all the time for all domains. As we do any type of design it always helps to have definitions and groupings of your abilities. This allows you to compare, explain changes, and explain gaps in a consistent manner.

Ready, Set, Architect!

A Quick Talk This is a quick tour through why we need to architect, a couple of the frameworks, and finally several helpful tools. It started out as a 5-minute lightning talk but turn more into an 8-minute flashflood. I want to thank the @chadevs for giving me the time to come and speak to the great group there. There was a good crowd that filled up the room. If you haven’t attended a Chattanooga Developers, ChaDevs, Lunch Meeting then check them out on Meetup.

Session Box

I draw a lot of diagrams. With all these diagrams there are an endless number of revisions and refinements created in the process. Some of the changes are necessary while others are definitely not earth-shattering. Timeboxing In time management, timeboxing allocates a fixed time period, called a time box, to each planned activity. It is also used for individual use to address personal tasks in a smaller time frame.

Entitlements in a Multi-tenant World

We are in a super-shared, and super-scaled world where rights are no longer concentrated in one place. Your rights and permissions are living everywhere in the neighborhood. They have left home. These is the presentation I used for a basic talk on why it is important to understnad how entitlements work these day. It was meant for presenting but you may get somehting out of it. Entitlements in a Multi-tenant World(PDF) Entitlements in a Multi-tenant World(PPTx)

What is the secret of the Grail?

Grail Figure: What is the secret of the Grail? Who does it serve? Perceval: You, my lord. Grail Figure: Who am I? Perceval: You are my lord and king. You are Arthur. Grail Figure: Have you found the secret that I have lost? Perceval: Yes. You and the land are one. Doesn’t this sound like a conversation you overheard between several architects standing around the watercooler? Do you feel like we have long forgotten the secret of The Architecture?

Why Architect

ar chi tect: (v) design and make

Think about landscaping your front yard. It is a lot more than just the sod or a couple of bushes. The overall look of your front yard comes from the color of your house, the looks of your house, the sidewalk, the driveway, the trees, and the shrubbery. It matters all the way down to how your grass has been mowed. If you are going for a particular look you had better be thinking about these things a little bit up front and not just letting each and every service implement their part of the yard without some larger vision.

Architect from Hole in the Ground

Well maybe that is a little extreme but sometimes titles do seem to get twisted up especially in our title-laden world. My title Security Architect has the word Architect in it but how closely related is that to an Enterprise Architect? Are we second-cousins three times removed or are we just not related at all? The Roles It might make more sense to work through the main types of roles you might see on a daily basis.