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Security BSides

You probably already know about Security BSides and how they came about. If not jump on over to BSides to get the scoop.

There are many BSides events around the Chattanooga area. We have them in Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville, Atlanta, and Huntsville just to name the ones that come to mind. Chattanooga is a growing tech community and has many large and small businesses that have security concerns.

With so much going on in the area Kevin Riggs and myself have decided that a Security BSides would be a great thing to bring to town.

OK, Tell me more…

You can go HERE to grab a ticket and check out the schedule.

Why should you grab a ticket now?

  • Best thing to do on March 24th
  • Eight speakers from far and wide will be discussing security and you get to participate
  • We will have a physical security area so you can either learn something new or impress everyone with your skills
  • We feed you lunch
  • You get a t-shirt
  • We have great give aways (including some yet-to-be-announced covert electronics)
  • You can count this towards your CPE requirements (4 CPEs for $20 is a great deal)
  • It is a great networking opportunity
  • You may find a link to your next job or contract
  • You will be able to say “I was there.”


The Edney Innovation Center Floor Five’s Community Center 1100 Market St Chattanooga, TN 37402

BSides Chattanooga is an information security event in the Security BSides pattern where local information security professionals share content, build community, engage in conversations, and further their careers.

We will see you there.