B-Sides Nashville 2016

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I have been given the opportunity to speak at B-Sides Nashville 2016. This year’s topic will be all about identity access and management.

IAM Complicated: Why you need to know about Identity and Access Management

Do you know where identities are born? How can you tell what an identify can and can’t do? What do you do when you realize your refrigerator has an identity of its own? If your IPS blocks your refrigerator you may lose access to your pizza.

Identity and Access Management is what connects the identities, accounts, entitlements, roles, permissions, and resources to provide correct access control. All areas of security are dependent on IAM and need to understand how to take advantage of it. This talk will explore the IAM lifecycle showing how to protect it and wreck it along the way.

The Full Lifecycle

Most people don’t look past the use of ids and passwords. It helps to understand the full breadth of this space especially now that IAM borders have expanded to include more third-parties (CSPs), ubiquitous mobile, and most importantly a much more dynamic environment. Look at how Docker has changed the security provisioning landscape.

There is also a growing need to incorporate identity and access management into Threat and Vulnerability/Network Security. The information gathered and the intelligence built needs to incorporate all the pieces in order to have a holistic view of security.

By looking at the full IAM lifecycle, including entitlement management, you can see where you can take advantage of the situation no matter which team you are supporting.

B-Sides 2016

So be sure to make plans and get your tickets for B-Sides Nashville 2016. There are a lot of great speakers and you can’t beat the price.