B-Sides Nashville 2015

I got the opportunity to be at B-Sides in Nashville over the weekend. It was a great opportunity to mingle and meet people who had an interest in information security. One of the best parts was a great mix of old professionals and quite a few new people who were interesting in seeing what security is all about. It was a good time and I appreciate all the effort it took to make it happen.

Iron Geek made his services available so we have great recordings of all the talks.

B-Sides Nashvile Videos

Making sure that security is woven throughout agile development can be a tricky task. This talk will walk through a solution to raising the overall level of security assurance in an agile development environment. The key goals for an environment are pretty straightforward.

  • Enable the developers with knowledge and processes
  • Scale security with enabled people
  • Assure a better level of security with enablement and scale

Here is a link to the lively video.

Agile and Security. Oil and Water?

An example of the method and the general approach is at Open Security Development Lifecycle. Please take a look at this site and send in your comments and suggestions on how to make it easier for the general community to have a secure agile development environment.

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