Why Go Hugo?

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For years I have worked with WordPress along with its themes, plugins, and vulnerabilities. I even purchased a couple of themes. Yes, WP can make a pretty site but at the end of the day I spent a lot of time working on WP and not working on content. It was time to move on to a different way of publishing.

There were a several reasons that I moved from a dynamic site to a static site.

  • Simple text-based content
  • Content that is easily managed/backed-up
  • Site that is free from distractions
  • Minimal hosting requirements
  • Minimal upkeep

After looking at least a half-a-dozen generators I went with Hugo. Hugo is a single executable written in Golang that has a rather flexible approach. It seems to be well supported and isn’t weighed down with all the problems mentioned above. You can either compile from source or copy a single executable to get started.

Golang looks interesting but luckily you don’t actually have to get into any Go at all unless you are designing a theme or working on the templates.

Watch and see what happens. Hopefull there will be more content and less tweaking.